We are a Polish family-run company

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Reputation which we have gained and maintain every day comes from high quality products, geat customer service and respect that we give to all companies, big and small.

It brings good cooperation. You receive good prices and your customers receive good quality and trustworthy products.

What distinguishes us from others? Innovation, being open, courage
in implementation new ideas coming from people creating the brand.

We believe that hard work and common aims always leads to success.
We develop because of people- their knowledge and engagement. All our team have a real impact on all aspects of the company, including the logistics and management. It also has an influence on your customer service.

We understand your business needs.

We began our business from a small warehouse and single clients. Today, as an experienced company, we want to support your brand.

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New distribution center in Cracow

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Grow your business with us!

We always do our best to anticipate and meet our clients' needs and expectations. Hence, due to the dynamic development of our company, in June this year, we completed the construction of the newest and the largest distribution center in Krakow. On the area of 3300 m2 you will find over 3000 different products from our brand's portfolio!

See, what we can offer our business partners.

Work with us

What do you receive from working with us?


Extensive distribution

We have a large distribution network and sales representatives all over the country.
As a result, we are recognized by our clients and our products are popular throughout the whole of Poland. It is guaranteed income for your company.


Reputation supported by 25 years of experience

We have been functioning and developing for a quarter of a century. You can trust our knowledge.


We always meet our customers need

We achieve all our goals reponsibly. We work according to our plan, believing that good organisation is one of the basics of good cooperation.


Solid strategy for the future

We consistently maintain and grow the value of the Moraj brand. It brings solid and stable cooperation for the future.


Participation in building the company

We want to keep in close contact with all our partners because only then will we achieve goals together.

From our humble beginnings to the present day- learn about our backstory.

We are a Polish textile producer. Our history goes back the 1990s. For over
25 years we have been building our brand which is now a leader in the textile industry.

We stand close to small businesses and buid relationships that we have maintained until today. New realtionships and contacts have been built overtime (including supermarket chains and the fashion market).
Today, we understand your needs, designing and sewing products (also done on demand).

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In 1995 Moraj was established, with tights being the top product, and we started wholesaling clothes, which is reflected in the Polish name of the comapny which comes from the owners surname MOkrzycki and the first letters of the word RAJstopy (tights).


Developing cooperation with lots of Polish suppliers who help form the company.


Opening the first distribution centers and small warehouses in Silesia.


Due to the company's development Moraj expands its activity outside of Silesia.
Moraj opens another sales support team and has opened the new logistics center and warehouses.


Opening of new logistics center and main headquarters in Rybnik-Gotartowice.


The will to reach a wider group of customers leads to Moraj hiring the first mobile sellers in Silesia and Podkarpacie. The annual company party tradition begins.


Moraj opens third distribution center in Katowice- the firm reaches more and more people.


After almost a decade it is time for another change and more success! Due to the solid position on the market and being a leader in distributing other brands, we decide to launch the first products under the Moraj logo.


Start of the first foreign production. Moraj looks for new technologies and suppliers in China.


Further development and expansion of the distribution network. This time the company strenghtens its activity in the South of Poland. There is a new distribution center in Cracow.
Moraj earns its first million. Sales get stronger and the firm can be proud of the first million Moraj products sold.


Releasing the new fashion collection created by Moraj.



First contacts in Turkey and international production intensifies.


Range of Moraj warehouses expands with a fifth distributive center in the North of Poland in Piła. It brings unlimited reach of selling in Poland .


Due to the product expansion, Moraj start working with supliers from Bangladesh.


The company gets formed into MORAJ SP. Z.O.O SP. KOMANDYTOWA
Beggining the new e-commerce activity leads to the ability to reach all clients in Poland. New platform for retail and wholesale customers is created. 


New graphic design department is created, which is responsible for making original collections.


Great headquarters opening with a new modern logistics centre in Żory gives Moraj the ability to deliver its products throughout Poland.


Inauguration of the new office in China responsible for getting new suppliers, production and quality controlling.


Beginning of the production of Moraj items and start selling them in the biggest chains in Poland.


As a response to client's needs first full fashion collection is created.
It combines style and comfort.


Moraj support strong brand development in social media- products and outfits are posted on Facebook and Instagram every day.


Permanent development and financial results are recognised by FORBES and mentioned in the list of the biggest Polish establishments.


Pandemic verifies businesses. Moraj provides material support to hospitals and starts 'MORAJ POMAGA'- a charity action which raises 37 015,58 PLN in 51 days and is donated to the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Racibórz.


Due to the dynamic development of our company, in June this year, we completed the construction of the newest and the largest distribution center in Krakow. On the area of 3300 m2 you will find over 3000 different products from our brand's portfolio!